Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moroccanoil Product review

Moroconoil are known worldwide for their very famous Moroccanoil Hair Treatment, which is their oil and it was actually the first product that was created by the brand. To me, this is just the best hair oil that is out there and even if it is very pricy, it really is worth it. I have gone through so many bottles of this stuff ad I tried many other oils, which are very good also, but for some reason I always go back to this one. It was also the first product that I tried from the brand and as I saw how amazing it was I purchased other of their products, which I will review here.

The Moroccanoil Hair Treatment is a product that anyone that loves hair product and that wants to add some moisture to their hair should try. I highly recommend this product.

I bought the Glimmer Shine Finish spray, which is said to enhance shine and protect the hair. So what I did with it is that when I finish styling my hair I would spray this all over my hair to have a very nice finish. What I thought about this product is that it is good and that it did add a bit of shine, but sincerely I think there are other similar products our there that would give I nicer finish. It smelled very nice though, but to me it does not do enough to my hair to repurchase it.

I also tried their masks, the Restorative one and the Intense Hydrating Mask.

I am first going to talk about the Restorative Hair Mask. I bought this because my hair is damaged and it really needed something to repair it. This mask is a protein mask, which means that it really strengthens your hair a lot but it does not add moisture to them. What you have to do after using this is that you should always follow with a conditioner to bring some moisture back into your hair. I really saw a difference in the strength of my hair and I think it really does that it says it does, it repairs your hair and when I finish up this product I will repurchase it.

The Intense Hydrating Mask is supposed to deeply hydrate your hair. I use this approximately once a week and I am not as impressed with this product as much I thought I would be. I do not think that it deeply hydrated my hair as much as other mask, my homemade masks or than my favourite conditioner. I am a bit sad that I have to say this because I really thought I would love this product when I purchased it but sadly I will not repurchase this product.

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